About me. For those who care,
and for those who don't.

A bit about me

I’m a Brussels-based designer and multi-disciplined creative.

I started my career at branding agency Bert in Manchester before moving to Leeds and working in-house and as a freelancer. Currently, I also provide my services at an award-winning design agency in Brussels.

Creating purpose, ideas and stories to develop unique brand experiences.

I love working for both print and digital but with a strong focus on branding. We view the brands we work with through an artistic lens, but with the sensibility of entrepreneurs. We use this balance to design amazing brands and spaces — from local startups to global powerhouses.

I’ve studied graphic design and experience architecture at Artevelde University of Applied Sciences in Ghent, and Type Design at the Plantin Institute in Antwerp.

I use my skills and insights to create digital and print design, packaging, branding, and overall visual communication that stand out.

My values, attitude and beliefs

I started this studio with a few values to guide me. And they are essential on why this studio exist.

Little details matter

I love the quirky, specific details—the bits that infuse brands with colour, character and meaning. I prefer for brands to look like they were made by humans for humans.

For people

My designs will always be for people. I will always look for the textures of real lives and real stories, which are what we need to make brands interesting. And, it keeps us and the work we deliver grounded and true.

Focussed on experience

A brand is consumed as an experience. Whether it’s packaging, environment, digital or apparel, how a brand makes you feel is what we are crafting.

Story time

Well-made brands don't make things up. They have a story to tell, and on top of that, they tell it truthfully and with a human voice I promise you will gather a following no matter what. (don't start a cult though)